Hi there!

My name is Melody. And I own a business, Finicky Designs. But it's more than just a business—it's my life's calling, and I help as many writers as possible through my ability to design and give them a brand that propels their words. 


Here's a little about my business story and how I'm where I am today.

January 1, 2015: I launched my business for real. As in—I was going to start actively pursuing clients, making connections, blogging about it, and give up sleep entirely. I launched with a barely-successful eBook, no niche or target market, and a mediocre website. Whew.

March 2015: I discovered my target market, my niche, MY WRITERS through an intensive called Blissboost Mastermind Workshop. The community there has given me so much support in my endeavors, and because of them—I found direction in my business. Oh, and I redesigned my website and made it more functional (woot!).

April 2015: Had my first writer's feature for Poetry month on my blog. Changed my social media strategy entirely and built a community of writers on Twitter. (Seriously, I love my writers.) I also started pursuing local networking by attending several networking events and connecting one-on-one with local business leaders.

June 2015: The opportunity arose for me to make the leap. I laughed. I cried. I stared at my bank account with very little in savings asking God "why now?" And telling Him very absolutely—"I'm not ready yet! Sorry!" But then I got called to take a leap of faith. I was tired—burned out. My relationships were suffering because I was working from morning until night. My schedule was so packed, I wasn't able to take on any new client work until the end of the year! I was at capacity—emotionally and physically. And then God called me to take a giant leap of faith.

So I turned in my notice.

July 2015: I set my final date with my company and have been working hard at both my corporate as well as my own business to put myself in a good place when finally making the leap. I've grown my writer's VIP list newsletter, have steady cash-flow, and am booked with work until mid-September. 

July 16 is the day I say goodbye to my 9-to-5 forever (or at least for now until God says something different).


Leap from corporate to the life of freedom!

Answers to some commonly asked questions:

Your husband just got a new job—so he's making enough so that you don't have to work?

Nope! Not at all. My husband just took a career change, not a promotion. So our household is still very much in need of my income. I started a business—I didn't just quit my job.

Did you lose your in-house job or leave willingly?

I left by my own will! I was the main print designer at my organization, and I very much loved my team. I was there for four years, and will be taking them on as a Finicky Designs client until they can find a good replacement for me.

Leap from corporate to the life of freedom!

Why did you decide to pursue your own business?

I'll be honest—I love calling my own shots. I love controlling my own creative process, choosing the design jobs I actually want, developing relationships with incredible clients... all of it lines up with what I enjoy in life the most. I like knowing that the harder I work, the more my business will grow. I like knowing that if I'm just having a bad day, I can climb a mountain and breathe in the fresh air without any worry of a clock-in or clock-out time punch. I can meet a friend for coffee at 9 am, work on an important project at 11 pm, and go on a weekday date with my husband without anyone else's permission. This business is mine, and I'm willing to work hard for it. I have already.

Will you be working in your pajamas?

Probably not. But some days I might. :)

Are you going to just have a bunch of free time now?

HA! I mean... maybe? Obviously I will have more free time because during the day I'll be able to pursue my business and won't have to save it for the nights and weekends. But being I'm still in the early stages of growing my business, it will require a lot from my schedule. I do hope to be able to finally have time for the things I find most important in my life and get my priorities back where they need to be.

I want to send some HUGE thank you's to the ones that have helped me arrive in this place. First—God, because He's the one that opened the doors and called me to this leap. I also want to thank my husband—the one who has put up with me locked away in my office for hours each night, the one who has talked for hundreds of hours with me about my life's calling, and the one who has supported me more than anyone else in these crazy endeavors of mine. And then I want to thank my friends. Oh, my friends. They've listened to me rambling about it, given me much-needed advice, encouraged me when I was on the brink of giving up, put up with me canceling coffee dates because of client demands... without you guys, I probably wouldn't have made it.


I think that about sums it up! I'm crazy pumped about this next stage in my life, and can't wait to continue to work hard to make my dreams happen.

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