GenTwenty blog logo and brand design

Working with Melody was a dream.
As a design-challenged writer, Melody made my brand visibly cohesive and helped me understand every single element and decision that went into my design. I can't recommend her enough.

—Nicole Booz, GenTwenty

Insurance local business logo and brand design, colorado springs, co

So grateful for your creative design, Melody! You have such a great way of being in tune with who I am and what I want my business to portray. Thank you for the professional, fun branding!

–Kristen Agrimson, 360 Services Insurance

Blog brand and logo design Croatia, Finicky Fox Design

At first I wasn't sure if choosing someone from the other end of the world was going to work for my location-specific project, but as soon as I got down to business with Melody, I knew I'd made the right choice.

She is professional and friendly at the same time, willing to take into account all the input her clients provide her with and very thorough, all of which I appreciate in people I work with. She took the time to develop several concepts before we finally agreed on the best one, provided me with sound advice and was very patient with all the changes in the course of our project.

Melody also responded in a very timely way and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to work with her.

–Ana-Marija Bujic

Photographer brand and logo design, colorado springs, colorado graphic design

Melody is AMAZING. I have never had anyone understand my brands the way she has done. She was able to blend my photography and blog into separate yet complimentary brands. I could not be happier with what she created for me!

–Mariana Ziegler, Mariana Ziegler Photography

Curriculum and small business logo and brand design, colorado springs

Melody Christian helped launch our company into the business world. From designing our company logo to providing the expertise in designing the format of our curriculum, Melody exhibited the highest level of work ethics and integrity. Melody took our vision and created a product that we are extremely proud to have our name stamped on. Her design and forethought initiated a product that is professional and easy to read. We will keep Melody as our designer and typesetter as we continue to move forward in our business.

–Darlene McPherson and Terry Hoit, Write Now - Right Now LLC


Spiral Book design, colorado springs book cover designer

Spiral: A Catalyst for Innovation and Expansion

Learn to integrate your whole self into your creative process so that you can make the magic you were born to make. Harness the power your own natural cycles, programmed into your DNA as a citizen of Earth, to bring forth innovation and growth for the future while you feel expansive and whole in the present moment.

Client: Amy Simpkins
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The book cover that Melody designed for me is literally the most beautiful book cover I have ever seen. Her process was phenomenal - I felt so heard and understood. All of the design options she presented were gorgeous and I was so torn. Melody was so thoughtful about every aspect of the design - not just the aesthetics, but the symbolism and connection to concepts in my book and in my work as well.

–Amy Simpkins, Spiral

Sara Hart: The Upside to Downsizing, book cover design


The Upside of Downsizing: Getting to Enough

Sara addresses the emotional side of of downsizing your life (specifically in your old age) in a practical, energetic, and fun way that helps you to process this transition in your life. The goal of the book cover was to show Sara's fun personality and positive take on life while showing this concept of downsizing in specific and interesting imagery.

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Working with Melody Christian was pure joy!  She is a total professional and a very warm human being, all rolled into one. From the moment I first spoke with her, I felt as if she was “all in” with me for the success of my book. The covers she designed were wonderful, and deciding which one to go with was not an easy task. She is very precise in her work and yet extremely patient and supportive. I highly recommend her.

–Sara Hart, The Upside of Downsizing

XY Planning Network Book Cover Design by Finicky Designs


The Monthly Retainer Model in Financial Planning

A bright, modern representation of a financial book full of information regarding the monthly retainer model. This design is complimentary to the XY Planning Network brand style, feel, and tone. The imagery that reflects the subject of a retainer model without feeling boring or mundane, and appeals to a younger generation with a strong brush script font.

Client: XY Planning Network
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The Busy Mom's Guide to Creativity

This book isn't just about arts and crafts. It's about discovering your creative side (in whatever capacity that might appear) within motherhood and making time for yourself. We wanted something bold, clean, and bright, emphasizing the CREATIVE in this creative guide. The design is kept a little whimsical with a script font, but avoiding the feel of too overly feminine (no butterflies here, folks!). White covers always stand out in a sea of covers, and this was ideal for the author's genre.

Client: Bev Feldman
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From the moment I first laid eyes on the Finicky Designs website, I knew I wanted to work with Melody.

She was an absolute pleasure to work with and is so unbelievably talented. Each of the initial book cover designs she showed me were gorgeous and fit amazingly well with my book. It was difficult to choose just one! Every step of the way Melody was quick to respond with questions and changes. She clearly really understood my customer and my vision for the book, even if I couldn't put into words what I wanted the cover of my book to look like.

Melody really took my book to the next level and made it look and feel professional. I can't help staring at the cover and smiling! Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Melody is in good hands and I know will be thrilled with what she comes up with. 

–Bev Feldman, The Busy Mom's Guide to Creativity

Inflamed book cover design by Finicky Designs



This book is packed with practical information regarding your diet and health. But we didn't want it looking like a science book or boring read on nutrition. The author has a modern flare for the way she approaches nutrition, so I knew we needed that reflected in the cover design. We went with a white cover and used color to our advantage, giving it a "wow" statement with subtle, representative imagery.

Client: Shelly Malone
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Words of Hope and Comfort book design by Finicky Designs

Words of Hope and Comfort

Singer and songwriter Dallas Holm shares his journey behind the powerful lyrics from his cd Songs of Hope and Comfort. Dallas had just gone through a brand and website rebrand, so we needed his products to reflect a similar look and feel. Modern, but still resonating with his audience of older individuals. Masculine, but also soft on the eyes, coherent with the book title and message.

Client: Dallas Holm
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You want to know the person you hire to work on your project cares about your project as much as you do. Melody and her team at Finicky Design provided our project with that level of care. We had never produced a book and needed help with the entire process. She led us through the process of producing our book and something that most people dream about doing became an actual reality.

Melody was professional, relational, patient and an advocate for us. She was available when we needed her. We were up front and honest about our timeline, our needs and our inexperience and she was able to accommodate all our needs. Work with Melody if you want professional results with a relational and personal experience.

–Dave Shrein (project manager), Shrein Media




Work Your Wealth

You know you're going to have fun designing a book cover when the author suggests "glitter dollar signs and bright colors." We had a blast coming up with a modern financial book to appeal to millennials. We went as bright as our screens (and the printers) would allow, and came up with a design that feels trendy and bold, but also very clearly says "finance."

Client: Mary Beth of Workable Wealth
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