Self-publishing a book is one of the most modern forms of marketing.

You position yourself as the industry expert, share your valuable knowledge, then are the first one that comes to mind when your reader needs help beyond what the pages of your book can provide.

You need that book to be professionally designed so that it stands out, gets noticed, and receives the attention it deserves to attract readers-turned-clients.

You’ve come to the right place.

With years of both in-house and freelance graphic design experience in the publishing industry, I know what it takes to design and create strong communication pieces specific to your work. Successful design is not just good looking—it’s design that WORKS and helps sell your book. It’s functional and practical, and helps you become more credible. It’s one of the most important things you can invest in.

Self-publishing a book is one of the most modern forms of marketing, book cover design
Melody did a fantastic job with designing the cover of my book. Right from the beginning, she understood my brand, and the message I wanted to convey through the design of the book. She created not only one, but several amazing possible book covers. I struggled to pick just one! Her work clearly shows that she is a talented and creative designer.
— Kim Dawson.


50% required to schedule a project, 50% due when complete

Book cover design ($820)

Book typesetting + ePub formatting ($75 hourly typesetter rate, ePubs start at $150)

Book launch flyer ($210)

Book marketing kit– interactive PDF ($350)

Book lead/landing page design (Squarespace—starting at $450)

Other services include: Social media marketing design, Canva templates, and branding

Professional referrals for: Editors, Book Coaches, and Marketers 

Melody designed the cover for our book and did an AWESOME job! She took the overall topic of the book and came up with a great design that immediately conveys this message in a compelling image. She is prompt, meets her commitments, and very creative. Highly recommended!
— Glenn Bott, The Cocoon Chronicles

Whether you have huge, awesome ideas for your book that you can’t wait to share, or you don’t have any clue what you want or need—we’ll work together to determine what will be the best to reflect you, your book, and reach your ideal readers.

Every person is different, and you deserve to be treated as the unique individual that you are. You can’t simply be plugged into a system. You deserve to discover your designs right alongside your designer, and to be completely and utterly happy in the end.

That is my goal.

The Ultimate Self-Publishing Checklist for Business Owners by Finicky Fox Design
Spiral book, book cover design, colorado springs

The book cover that Melody designed for me is literally the most beautiful book cover I have ever seen. Her process was phenomenal - I felt so heard and understood. All of the design options she presented were gorgeous and I was so torn. Melody was so thoughtful about every aspect of the design - not just the aesthetics, but the symbolism and connection to concepts in my book and in my work as well.

–Amy, Spiral