Book Cover Design

What it looks like to work with me

First, as a book cover designer, I have every tool, resource, and referral at my fingertips for you as a self-published business owner. While self-publishing is 100% in YOUR control, it’s vital you hire the right, knowledgeable professionals who will help you on your self-publishing journey. I can recommend what you need through years of experience. So never feel shy to email me!

Does book cover design matter?

Immensely. And each and every one of my authors would tell you that investing in the right book cover designer is worth every penny. But finding the right one is the key.

The Process

Book Cover Design process by Finicky Designs

Why book cover design, and why me?

I worked for a traditional publisher for several years, and had the experience of working with well-known authors who set the bar HIGH when it came to cover design. I learned the ins and outs of the publishing industry, and what makes a cover good enough to run with the big dogs.

I moved away from cover design after taking an in-house design job as the primary designer for a non-profit. After four years there, I decided to start my own business (Finicky Fox Design!), and took the great leap into working for myself full time.

Working closely with business owners on their branding, I knew I could take my skills from the traditional publishing realm, and help business owners utilize self-publishing, making them look just as credible as any traditionally published author.

I also offer Book Marketing Packets, Media Kits, Online Graphics, and Typesetting services that all revolve around the professional design of your book. So… what are you waiting for?