Tips for Making Your Brand STRONGER

I’m drafting up a little handout for my networking event this week. I tried asking myself- if I could give one bit of a useful information to the epic women business owners in my networking group, for free, what would it be?

Obviously, I specialize in brand design and development. I love helping writers, bloggers, and business owners with their brands—regardless of what stage their company or blog might be at. I know we hear it all of the time—branding is SO important! But branding goes beyond just your looks, a logo, and some colors. So that’s where I’m meeting these women.

First, I want to emphasize that your brand is YOU. You don't need a designer to give you a brand. You are your brand, which means you're developing it right now. So I put together a short, practical list of tips for making your brand stronger—RIGHT NOW.

Tips for making your brand stronger


1. Be confident in what your business offers.

Whether it’s a product or a service, you should be confident and passionate in the work you’re doing. People notice this and want whatever it is that you have!


2. Make real, authentic connections.

Do life with people around you who will some day be big supporters of your business and you as a business owner. These connections will build your brand more than anything else!


3. Be consistent.

Even if you don’t have a solid design to represent your business, be consistent in the way you engage with people, in how you present your business, and in what you offer. Consistency breeds trustworthiness with your customers.


4. Take time to step away and DREAM BIG.

Invest in time to think creatively about your business and what your future holds. Life is hectic, especially as a business owner. But taking time to find inspiration and dreaming BIG is essential to your success.


5.  Keep learning who you are as a brand and plan for the future.

Your visual brand IS important, because it tells your audience who you are and what your business is about at first glance. Just because I don't want business owners to STRESS over establishing their visual brand immediately (the urgent mentality can cause you cut corners and not take the time to get it done right), it is an important part of your business. So remember to plan for the future and make investing in your brand image an important priority!

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Being a business owner is TOUGH, but you’re rocking at it! So have confidence in yourself, make authentic connections, be consistent, step away from the chaos to DREAM BIG, and always plan for the future. You’ve got this!

If there is any way that I can help, answer your questions, or design for you a brand to encompass who you are—let's chat!