National Poetry Month—Gaby Comprés

Today I'm sharing with you my very first international poet! Gaby Comprés is from the Dominican Republic! But more importantly, her poetry is from her heart and soul. You can see it shine through her writing, and I'm honored to share her work with you.

Gaby Compres Poetry


Poetry and a Song

you are poetry,

you are a song.

you are eyes that rhyme,

feet that know where they’re going.

you are words that don’t stay silent,

you are an unwilting flower,

you are light that doesn’t fade,

a heart that keeps beating.

you have beauty tangled in your hair,

and stars living in your eyes.

you have hope nestled in your soul

and liberty written on your skin.

you have a song etched on your heart

and heaven in your bones.

eternity is planted in your soul

and redemption is a crown on your head.

you are more than gold,

more than dreams,

more than stars,

more than the sun.

you are poetry,

you are a song.


Gaby Compres Profile Photo

I am eighteen years old, and I am an Early Childhood Education student. I live in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and I love to read and write poetry. I write with the hope that my words will remind those who read them of their worth, their bravery and who they are. I began writing poetry on March 2014 and I published my first collection, A Song of Bravery, through Amazon Kindle, on March 2015.

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