National Poetry Month—Erin Michael Dworak

Today I present to you a writer very near and dear to my heart. Erin Michael Dworak is one of my beloved writing clients that I've had the privilege to design for. Tonight I'm attending one of her journal writing workshops and then tomorrow I'll be featuring her brand as a client spotlight on my blog. So stay tuned for more!


Dig In poem by Erin Michael Dworak


Dig In

There's a fertile garden

Dig In

There's no restarting

Dig In

You've got dust on your feet 

And scars on your hands

But you'll be the first to understand me

When I say,

"Dig In."


There's a song in your pen

Dig in

History came and it went

Dig in

You've got wounded knees and blood stained eyes

But you know there's no good reason to run and hide

So, Dig in


I know you'll move mountains when you're ready

I know you're clenched fists are feeling heavy

I know love won't let you go if you let it.

I know fear can't chain your soul forever

So, Dig in


There is permission

Dig in

It's your decision

Dig in

You've got roots in your veins

And nothing to trade

You know the moment brightens

And then fades away

So, Dig in

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Erin Michael Dworak

Erin comes from a long line of artists, musicians, writers and journal keepers and loves to study people and the stories that make up moments in time. While she studies these things, she observes herself and processes the connection and meaning of it all through writing. She resides in Denver, CO with her love bug, Winslow (7 year old son), and their cat, Rado.

In addition to writing for her own personal pleasure, she loves teaching journal keeping workshops and guiding people as they write their memoirs. She has a degree in English from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and has had the privilege of undergoing professional study through the Therapeutic Writing Institute. She can be found at


Dig In Copyright 2013 Erin Michael Dworak