Today is the BIG REVEAL of GenTwenty's newest look! While it isn't their very first launch day (GenTwenty was founded in March of 2013), it's still a launch day of their beautiful new brand—something to really celebrate! 

Nicole expressed wanting to work with me—and I could not have been happier to get the opportunity to capture her amazing brand! I worked closely with her as I discovered the hearts and minds of not just Nicole, but all of the many amazing contributors of the GenTwenty blog. These girls KNOW what it's like to live life in your twenties. In their own words: Our tried and true advice about growing up and navigating the real world will help you define your goals, figure out what your next move will be, and have fun along the way. And seriously, you can tell all of the hard work and careful thought that goes into the content of their blog.

We wanted to give GenTwenty a clean, classy look that embodied sophistication—but also with a touch of fun. The yellow and teal pairing were perfect in communicating this, along with the font pairing of a more traditional "gen" with a fun, hand-lettered "twenty." 

I loved working with Nicole, and—as a twenty-something myself—can't wait to follow along on her incredible journey as her and the contributors of GenTwenty continue to help us as we make the most of this decade!


GenTwenty Brand Design by Finicky Designs



"Working with Melody was a dream. As a design-challenged writer, Melody made my brand visibly cohesive and helped me understand every single element and decision that went into my design. I can't recommend her enough."

—Nicole Booz, GenTwenty, 2015

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