5 Ways to Find Inspiration to Write

Writing is a lot like designing when it comes to the inspiration that fuels it. We have those ah-ha moments and creative ideas that compel us to sit and WRITE (or design)! It's difficult to create outside of the scope of inspiration, and sometimes we have to actively seek inspiration in order to be able to do what we do.

So today I want to share with you a short list of things that inspire me as well as hear FROM YOU! It's never easy, but these are my starting points that usually get the brain going.

5 Ways to Find Inspiration to Write | Finicky Designs


Browse Pinterest with purpose.

I hesitate with this one, because Pinterest can become a HUGE time suck. All it takes is one stray click to start you down a path of 4th of July recipes and DIY soap. But having purpose in your Pinterest search and compiling pins on a board that's made specifically for the type of inspiration you're searching for can be really valuable. Following the right people and knowing what boards to hit while searching for inspiration can also be really helpful. Here's someone I would recommend to anyone seeking inspiration for writing: Tiffany Trivett. And here's one I've referenced recently in search of beautiful design: Delightful Design by Sarah Klassen. 


Go outside.

Sitting outside and staring at the mountains is like a literal breath of fresh air for my mind. Everything gets quiet, including my thoughts, and allows room for new thoughts and ideas. If it's cold outside—sit by a window and just lose yourself in nature.


Chat with someone who gets it.

Express to a friend in your same industry your moment of frustration and your mental block. They totally get it, and it isn't long until you're both bouncing ideas back and forth, and they're giving you tips for how to get inspired and get going.


Exercise your creative muscle.

It's difficult to start jogging without walking first. Just write something you enjoy writing about, whether that's journaling, or doodling—just start writing. I like to do fine art. I'm always on the computer or in my sketchbook, so taking out my paints and just playing with color often leads to deep thoughts and crazy inspiration.



The term brainstorm is so over-used, but it's just my way of saying "idea vomit" in a much nicer way. To get the ideas flowing, we often need to just brain dump until the best of the ideas and the right inspiration arises. 

This is my favorite method: a word cluster.

I started with what I was drinking (sometimes that's all I can even really focus on) and from it derived a blog topic. The process took a whopping 3 minutes, and I felt like the idea was solid enough to not have to continue other brainstorm methods.

Word Cluster example | Finicky Designs

So those are just some of my methods. But now I want to hear from you! If I get enough feedback, I'll compile your inspirational ways and share it with the community. So comment below or send me an email!

What inspires you to write? by Finicky Designs