Client Spotlight: Write Now Right Now

Write Now-Right Now is a comprehensive writing program for grades K through 5 based on 6-Traits and Common Core standards. Pretty great program, and makes the Common Core teachable for any teacher.

Can I just say... these ladies, Darlene and Terry, were so much fun to work with! I knew we'd hit it off when they sat down with me, and told me in all seriousness- We are teachers, this is curriculum, but we don't want cutesy red apples and clip-art rulers in our logo. Music to my ears!

So we started with their brand logo, and developed something that didn't have your average "school teacher" vibe. 

Fresh, crisp, confident, inviting... this is one of my favorite logos. And was so much fun to incorporate into their curriculum and complete their image.

Next step involved the curriculum layout design and coming up with an overall look-and-feel for the entire program. After that was decided, many, many hours went into typesetting. When all was said and done, they loaded their curriculum onto thumb-drives and have been impressing the school districts with their comprehensive program ever since. 

These ladies have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into their business, and I wish them the very best as they continue their endeavors!


One year later, Darlene and Terry decided they'd like a bit of an update to their current materials and integrate their brand with it. So we worked on new product photos, product packaging design, and a NEW website!

Product Packaging by Finicky Designs
Write Now Right Now USB Photos by Finicky Designs