Creating visual harmony
for your business.

A process overview for business owners looking to utilize book publishing as a marketing tool.
(Bonus content: KDP and IngramSpark breakdown)

custom logo and brand design in colorado springs, co by Finicky Fox Design

Brand Design

I specialize in custom logos and brands that help bring impressionable consistency to your platform as a business. Your brand is as unique as you are, which is why Finicky Fox Design gets artistically particular about your visuals. From watercolor logos to hand-crafted type, each of my logos has personal creative touch that’ll resonate in the mind of your potential customers and make you memorable.

Melody of Finicky Fox Design helps business owners self publish their books, book cover design

Book Design

Self publishing a book is one of the greatest modern marketing tools available to business owners. Whether you want an easy tiny book that acts as a promotional handout to potential clients, an ebook, or a full-blown published paperback book packed with helpful information, I can help. My traditional publishing background has allowed me to know what it takes to make your book stand out (and sell more copies).


Let’s get real here for a second…

You need designs that work for you.

Good design should:

  • Instantly communicate to your clients who you are and why you care about them

  • Attract your ideal customers with their ideal budgets

  • Hit home a high degree of credibility so that no one is left wondering whether or not they should give you business

  • Build brand loyalty through the professional experience you give your clients consistently

You’ll hear me say this over and over again… it’s not about making something pretty.
If it doesn’t WORK for you, it isn’t working.

Clean Break Cleaning Company Logo and Testimonial, Colorado Springs

When I came to Melody at Finicky Fox Design, my business was just an idea and a dream. We sat down and over coffee, she expertly asked me questions that brought my brand to life. Trusting that anyone can see inside your mind and create a vision for something you are investing your entire life into is hard. When I received my brand concepts, I was blown away. My only issue was trying to choose which concept I was most in love with. Her attention to detail and ability to capture me in the design is incomparable to anyone else. Aside from the artistry, I have gained reputable and high-end business because my brand stands out above the rest. I have received direct feedback that my design was what brought my customers to me. I am so grateful that I had Finicky Fox Designs to give life to my passion and company. —Danielle,


Brand Designs for Small Businesses

I’ve Got the Best Clients

And I hope that one day, I get to help you with your brand, too.